A Spanish restaurant in partnership with Ginza Project

  • Address

    Moscow, Slavyanskaya ploshad, 2/5/4, Bld. 3

  • Phone

    +7 (495) 784 69 69 +7 (964) 508 84 48

  • Average bill

    1500-2000 ₽

  • Cuisine


  • Open Hours

    Mon-Sun 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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A Spanish restaurant in partnership with Ginza Project


When breaking the name of the great Spanish artist in two, the owners found a hidden culinary and drink meaning, which was transferred to the name of the Spanish restaurant. The walls were painted with reproductions of Picasso paintings and decorated with famous bullheads made up of bicycle saddles and rudders. The menu presented the author's, somewhat ironic version of the Iberian cuisine, adapted to the Moscow style and creatively reformed, but retained all of its distinctive features. A similar metamorphosis takes place on the Picasso’s lithographs with a ferocious bull, it first turns into a resemblance of a scheme for carcass cutting, and then into a weightless drawing of several simple lines.


The topic of tapas, which has long been wider than just a list of appetizers for wine or beer, and certainly more interesting than a piece of bread, protecting a drink in a glass from insects, is revealed in full detail in the central section of the menu. The chefs have composed a collection of miniature, but absolutely self-sufficient dishes. This collection, with due attention can form an idea of ​​the entire Spanish gastronomy in general. There is the indispensable black jamon, tortillas, octopus salpikon, tuna fish, open pies, tiny empanadillas, shrimp pancakes with greens, stuffed bakaloos mini peppers, Catalan croquettes with crab, and even foie with cherry-orange marmalade. Pearl risotto with bovine tails, lentils with blood sausage and veal stomach with chickpeas, chorizo ​​and spices are brought in colorful cast-iron pots.


The menu favorites are - calf, young pig, lamb and young goat, simmered in a brazier or roasted on coals: aromatic and melting in the mouth scapula and legs, steaks and stew. And of course the paella! The three types of which are: vegetable, sea and meat. On weekdays from noon to 4 pm a giant frying pan is brought out into the hall, and the third, most satisfying and brutal option is a dish consisting of rice, stewed beef, chicken, rabbit and chorizo, cooked with vegetables and a multitude of suitable spices. Guests are offered to place their plates exactly the same way as on any family feast in Spain.


And, like in many Picasso art pieces, in" Pub Lo Picasso" you can find hidden additional meanings that are not obvious at first. One has only to go down the stairs: in the basement, there is a room for karaoke - a common room with a stage and three offices with professional sound and extensive choice of songs


The necessary information and coordinates for those who are going to visit PUB LO PICASSO. Convenient map, direct phone of the restaurant.