• Address

    Moscow, Ploshad Kiyevskogo Vokzala, 2, Shopping and recreation center "European", 1st floor

  • Phone

    +7 (985) 649 08 80

  • Average bill

    1000-1500 ₽

  • Cuisine

    European, Pan-Asian, Japanese

  • Open Hours

    Mon-Thu, Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Fri-Sat 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

  • Website


A café with reasonable prices where you can make a gastronomic trip across Europe. It is located near the fountain on the first floor of the "European " shopping and recreating center.


The design of the cafe is an allusion to the luxurious atmosphere of dining cars-trains of the early twentieth century. The space is divided into five train station zones: Moscow, London, Paris, Rome and Vienna. Each of them is uniquely decorated: "London" zone has porcelain bulldogs on the tables, boxing gloves hanging on the wall, “Moscow” zone has a red soda machine, and tables are served with plates depicting the domes of the basilica of St. Basil, "Rome" zone - busts of the ancient emperors, and "Paris" zone - the layout of the Eiffel Tower. The tables are arranged in a stateroom style, the "windows" are covered with velvet curtains, a red toy train rides over all the zones, and the waiters are dressed in conductor uniforms.


In the menu side by side, you would see vinaigrette and marble beef tartare, lentils German soup and onion soup with duck, Viennese schnitzel and lasagna, Scottish meat pie and Danish halibut. Modern culinary techniques help chefs to breathe new life into the long-known recipes of the European cuisine: caprese salad is served with a combination of transparent tomato jelly and basil mousse, pumpkin soup comes with baked chestnuts cream, donuts are prepared with cuttlefish ink, and ossobuko is garnished with corn arancini. The deserts are made with the same principle in mind and are displayed in the glass showcase - for example, the classic Kiev cake is served in a glass.


Closer to the elevators, illuminated by the neon lights and glare from the fountain water, there is a "trans-Asian express" zone, where the guests are offered world hits of Pan-Asian and Japanese cuisines from curry to tom-pit, from rolls to noodles.

Aleksey Gordila

Chef of the "Grand European Express" restaurant

Aleksey Grodila was born on May 6, 1981 in Moscow. He graduated from the 41st Chef school, but considers his real culinary school being Vogue Café, a restaurant belonging to Arkady Novikov, where Alexei worked from 2003 to 2007 as a sous chef under Chef Yuri Rozhkov. During that period, in 2006, he passed an internship in Turin.


Aleksey’s career as a chef began at the "Aurora" restaurant. Later Alexey worked at various restaurants - Boudoir Bar Moscow, "Ded Pihto" and Chalet Simple Pleasures. In 2013 he took part in culinary competitions including the festival of Russian cuisine - "Culinary Heritage", and was featured on TV shows - "Eating At Home" and "Culinary Duel".


Last year he worked as a chef at the Chalet Simple Pleasures restaurant in Khimki. Later in 2015 he headed the kitchen at the Author's Cuisine restaurant and Montalto pizzeria. Currently he is the chief at "Grand European Express".