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    Москва, Поварская улица, 11, стр. 1

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    +7 (495) 740-43-04

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    3000 руб.

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    12.00 - 00.00

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Rossini restaurant - a modern interpretation of Italian cuisine


The new restaurant of the united company “Restaurants of Rappoport” is named after Gioachino Rossini, the great Italian composer, author of the “Barber of Seville” and many other brilliant works, as well as an exquisite gourmet and chef. Many famous recipes were named after Gioachino Rossini. It is hard to underestimate the Muscovites' love for opera, as well as for pizza, pasta or burrata cheese. Opening up another one Italian restaurant in our city is a bold challenge to an existing reality. Rossini embodies a fresh, ironic and eclectic approach to the timeless theme of Italian cuisine.


There are five types of carpaccio in the menu, among which you will find weightless cauliflower carpaccio with apple-mustard sauce or a spectacular zucchini carpaccio with a truffle sauce, parmesan crumbs and spicy chili flavors. A pumpkin carpaccio with a natural and fragrant essence of Sicilian oranges is another example of a graceful and light appetizer that fully applies modern principles of seasonal and healthy diet.


Fantasy within classic Vitello Tonnato theme comprises playful and talented compositions. For example, “Pollo tonnato” is made with chicken, while “Tonnato tonnato” is a tuna tataki with capers fried to a fervent crunch. “Tonnato Vitello” is a turnover in which silk tuna slices are dipped in a veal sauce.


The octopus itself is used instead of the dough shell in the appetizer “Octopus Ravioli”, and this ravioli is seasoned with truffle sauce. Cannoli is made with rice and wheat flour stuffed with Opilio crab, apple with pistachio aioli, pepper yuzu and tomato sauce dressing.


“In order to improvise on the theme of traditional Italian cuisine, one needs to know and understand the essence of Italian cooking, as well as have a talent and sense of humor. It seems to me that our chef and his team have all of these,” - says Alexander Rappoport, commenting on the presence of a slightly hooligan Roman pizza “Il Dottoro ” in Rossini menu. Mortadella is replaced in this pizza by one of the most popular "delicacies" among Russian people which is doctor's sausage.


The main course menu features the original version of Tournedos Rossini, naturally with foie gras and truffle. Rossini's 400 gram-steak is impressive not only due to its size, but also because of foie gras simmered inside the steak and contributing to its tenderness. The spicy chicken "alla Diavola" is prepared with a yellow farm chicken. “Seafood cacciucco” is a dish from Livorno Tuscany, a cross between soup and goulash made with scallop, octopus, squid, cuttlefish and sea fish fillet, seafood-based broth prepared with Worcestershire sauce and Stracciatella cheese. The goat’s shoulder is simmered for twelve hours in herbs and spices, baked with clarified butter and served with polenta brewed on young goat cheese.


It is rare to find dishes with duckling in menus of Moscow restaurants. At Rossini it is aged for twelve hours in a marinade with white vinegar, mustard seeds, honey and spices, seasoned with honey glaze, baked until crispy and served with celery root and apple gratin.


At Rossini pizzas are cooked in Marana Forni Tanganelli oven. This oven is often called “Ferrari among ovens”. Fifteen types of pizza and four varieties of focaccia are baked in an elegant and blazing fire oven. In the menu the traditional “Margarita” pizza brought to the ideal, is found side by side with a luxury “Rossini” pizza made on wheat dough with mango puree and juicy foie gras slices. The menu includes pizza on a barley base with bacalao and Stracciatella cheese. For people who follow a healthy diet, multi-cereal pizza with beetroot mousse, goat cheese and Tuscan kale or gluten-free pizza and pasta will be a perfect choice.


The five-meter Antipasti bar being the first of its kind in Moscow, is a buffet of cold and hot appetizers that the visitor can see before ordering. Salad with confit duck with green tomatoes, baked pickled peppers, polenta pancakes with cheese and ham and half a dozen dishes will help the visitors immediately get used to the new space.


The Rossini restaurant has 130 seats. The interior is made by Krivtsova & Redina studio and represents impeccable ironic eclecticism, where sparkling glossy panels with late Renaissance frescoes coexist with ultra-modern furniture and decorative elements.


“The stomach is a conductor who runs a huge orchestra of our passions. An empty stomach for me is like a bassoon that growls with displeasure, or a piccolo flute that expresses its desire in shrill tones. A full stomach is a triangle of pleasure or a drum of joy. Eat, love, sing, digest - in truth, these are the four acts of the comic opera that we call life” - this quote most fully conveys the essence of the new Italian restaurant Rossini.


Roman Vasiliev is the chef of Rossini Restaurant