On October 14, a truly significant and long-awaited event took place in the gastronomic life of Moscow - several Rappoport restaurants at once were noted by Michelin, the world's most prestigious gastronomic guide, and the Beluga restaurant received the highest rating - a Michelin star. The award ceremony took place in the concert hall of the metropolitan Zaryadye Park.

The arrival of the guide in Russia was expected for a very long time - Michelin inspectors worked for several years in Moscow, assessing the current level and the prospects of the local restaurant industry. And finally, it happened: amid thunderous applause turning into a standing ovation, the chef of the Beluga restaurant, Evgeny Vikentiev, received a prestigious award symbolizing the highest level of gastronomic excellence - the Michelin star. “Our homeland can be proud of what we do,” commented Evgeny.

It is worth mentioning that earlier Beluga restaurant received the title of “The Best Restaurant in Russia” only six months after its opening. In the restaurant, you can sample two dozen varieties of caviar and modern dishes of traditional Russian cuisine, which show not only Vikentiev's talent but also a subtle sense of self-irony.

The restaurants "Erwin.RekaMoreOkean" and Geraldine were awarded with badges with brand symbols and an image of the Michelin Man, which means that from now on they belong to a limited group of Bib Gourmand restaurants. This testifies to an excellent combination of the price and quality of dishes in these dining establishments.

In particular, Erwin.RekaMoreOkean is famous for its fish varieties caught mostly in the Russian waters, which is unique for Moscow. Sea and river delicacies are presented in their variety: fish slices, crabs, shrimps, sea urchins, caviar, oysters, Japanese cuisine. Chef Andrei Palesika uses premium quality products and combines various cooking techniques. His approach to his craft is anything but mediocre. Another attraction of Erwin is the wine list with more than 300 positions from all over the world.

Neo-bistro Geraldine serves classic French cuisine with elements from Italian, Chinese, Spanish and Thai culinary traditions. Dishes at Geraldine strive for perfection, but are also marked by subtle irony. The wine collection presents the products of exclusively French winemakers - from recognized masters to now-trending producers.

Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago received the prestigious Michelin Recommended status. The establishments, noted by the  Red Guide, meet five criteria: the quality of the ingredients, the art of cooking, the combination of flavors, the creativity of the chef, and the value for money. All these qualities are fully present in Dr. Zhivago. The restaurant is ideal for the historical center of the city. The location across the street from the Kremlin, modern Russian cuisine, a unique view from the window, and low prices on the menu by metropolitan standards are its main distinctive features. Alena Solodovichenko, the chef at Dr. Zhivago, adheres to the gastronomic principles of locality and seasonality, uses modern cooking techniques, and offers guests original culinary twists- modern versions of Russian and Soviet cuisine.

Pavilion restaurant, which is one of the first fine dining restaurants in the Patriarch's Ponds area, is now a Michelin-recommended establishment. The specialty of the place is freshwater fish, as well as crayfish, waterfowl, complemented with cereals and vegetables, selected to perfectly complete fish dishes. The new chef of the restaurant Ulyana Suzdalkina, who took up the job this fall, has already presented a new menu.

It should be noted that this year Russia became the 33rd country in the world where the Michelin gastronomic guide, considered the standard of haute cuisine since 1900, is published. Just being mentioned in a guide, let alone receiving a star, is a tangible sign of quality and testifies to the highest level of the restaurant. It is interesting that the experts, who are famous for their incorruptibility, assess the restaurants incognito, while the evaluation criteria are kept secret. This means that the star and statuses of Rappoport's restaurants are well-deserved.