• Address

    Moscow, Bolshoy Putinkovskiy pereulok, 5

  • Phone

    +7 (495) 699 22 10 +7 (495) 699 26 74 +7 (963) 605-71-65

  • Average bill

    2000 ₽

  • Cuisine


  • Open Hours

    Mon-Sun 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM Dining hours: Sun-Thu 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM, Fri-Sat 12:00 – 1:00 AM

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Alexander Rappaport’s Thai restaurant in partnership with ginza project


Thai cuisine restaurant, where the founders managed to wonderfully and accurately convey the national flavor of the kingdom of Thailand - not only in dishes, but also in the general atmosphere.


Black Thai can be dazzling at first sight: the guest had not placed the order from the menu, while the atmosphere and the level of service magically bring him to the most pleasant memories of a holiday spent in Bangkok, in Chiang Mai or on Koh Samui. Impressive sizes of the Ganesh statue, gold-encrusted dragons - guards, shimmer of the coin-topped bar, carved ornament on wooden columns, national clothes of the dancers frozen in amazing poses on transparent screens, pleasant to the eye dimmed lights, and also friendly smiles of waiters and impeccable service... It seems that the ear is about to catch the chimes of the bells, the skin is about to feel the tropical moisture, and the familiar pacification is penetrating into the soul.


Make an order on the menu - and you are guaranteed to receive the latter. The piercing lime juice, hot pepper paste and piquant fish sauce emphasize the freshness and sweetness of salmon ceviche with papaya and avocado. The burning of the essential tom-pit softens the tenderness of the coconut milk and the invigorating aroma of lemongrass. Mint sauce brings a coolness with each piece of seabass baked in banana leaves with garlic, coriander root, ginger and a stem of             magnolia-vine. Black Thai chef Juntabup Aod presents a modern version of the national cuisine - a bit ironic, but at the same time impeccably authentic in recipes and ingredients.


In the evenings, Black Thai turns into a pre-party bar, and the cocktails play the main roles. The hits of the international cocktail classics are mixed according to all the rules, the originality and the ideal balance of author's mixes “Colors of Thailand” are pleasing and refreshing. Every season bartenders come up with a new “Black Thai” cocktail, its taste and look is always a pleasant surprise even for regulars.

Djuntabub Aod

Black Thai Restaurant Chef

Chef of the restaurant "Black Thai" Succeeded in modernizing the national food, making it slightly ironic, but at the same time flawlessly authentic - both in its concept and in ingredients.