The restaurant "Blok" is the cuisine of the Russian provinces and Russian meat of the highest quality

  • Address

    Saint-Petersburg, Potemkinskaya St., 4

  • Phone

    + 7 (812) 415 40 40

  • Average bill

    1200 ₽

  • Cuisine

    Meat, Contemporary, Russian

  • Open Hours

    Mon-Sun 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM

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The restaurant "Blok" is located in the Tavrichesky garden, on the roof of the "Leningrad center". Its concept is based on the cuisine of the Russian provinces and on the highest quality Russian meat, which in many respects surpasses all existing foreign counterparts. The dishes are prepared according to traditional and modern recipes, and meat is very diverse - more than 60 dishes from veal cheeks to numerous steak choices, about half of which are available exclusively at "Blok".


The founder and ideologist of the "Block" restaurant is the Moscow restaurateur Alexander Rappoport, who in 2014 became the "restaurateur of the year" according to the GQ magazine. "Dr. Zhivago "," Chinese Puzzle ", “Black Thai”," Pic Lasso "and “Cook'kareku” in Moscow are currently successfully operating under his leadership, however, St. Petersburg was chosen for the opening of his main restaurant. Rappoport promises to do everything to make "Block" become the main meat restaurant in Russia. Much, however, has already been done - and most importantly, the issue with the high quality meat supply has been resolved: in the Voronezh region, the ideal bulls of the American black angus breed have been grown. They are fed with a specially developed grain mix based on wet corn, thanks to such nutrition and excellent genetics, the meat of these bulls has a very high degree of marbling - in the range between choice + and prime.


The young and talented chef, Evgeni Meshcheryakov, the winner of the first ever international competition Bocuse D'or Battle 2014, who previously worked for Alain Ducasse at Taillevent, Paris, as well as in the Moscow restaurants - Siberia and National, took the position of the brand-chef of the new restaurant. Roberto Hakomino Perez Feliber ("Pub Lo Picasso", "Latin Quarter"), the brand-chef, who has worked in Russia for over 20 years, specializing in the preparation of meat dishes, runs the restaurant together with Eugene. His record of accomplishment includes work in such successful projects as "El Gaucho".


Both brands chef love meat, understand it well, and the menu, created for "Blok", confirms it: the biggest sections in it are "cold meat" and "fried, boiled and stewed meat". Moreover, "chopped meat" " is prepared at Block, which is a burger of marble beef and traditionally loved by everyone chicken, veal and pheasant cutlets. “Cold meat “section - 7 types of tartar and 4 kinds of carpaccio. ” Fried, boiled and stewed meat " section includes a few dozen steaks, about half of which can be tried only in “Blok”, stewed beef ribs with juniper, onion confit or oranges, reindeer stroganoff  and quail steeps, as well as hashlama, pelmeni, ossobuko, baked duck, veal cheeks, baked cerebral bones and cabbage rolls.


But the " cold and not meat “section is just as interesting: here you can find such rarities as the big Caspian herring, Narva lamprey, Murmansk scallops, Sakhalin shrimp, Solovyov and Crimean oysters, burbot liver, as well as a fabulous Krasnodar tomatoes salad with the legendary Yalta onion and delicate pomegranate squeeze.


The interior of “Blok” was designed by Anastasia Panibratova, who has already done some work for Rappoport’s "Dr. Zhivago "and Black Thai. Here she used such seemingly mutually exclusive approaches as unrestrained techno-eclecticism and classical layout. As a result, a bright, multilevel and solemn space appeared, flooded literally with a river of light - originating in a giant chandelier under the dome and breaking into many streams, reflected in mirrors embedded in the backs of the sofas. The most important details of the project: panoramic windows, which offer a view of the Tauride garden, glass roof, brass fireplaces, multimedia panels on the walls, arranged on the principle of museum, the so-called trellis hanging. Panibratova defines the style of “Blok" as the northern modern, taking its origins in both the classical Petersburg tradition and in the Russian avant-garde (some of the Russian avant-garde artists’ works decorate the hall of the restaurant - Lentulov, Altman, Goncharova, even Kandinsky and Malevich).


The "Block" restaurant has 200 seats in the main hall and another 300 seats on two summer terraces overlooking the Tauride Park and the Smolniy cathedral.