Grand Cafe overlooking the historic city center and featuring a modern version of the Russian cuisine. A choice of the “GAULT & MILLAU RUSSIA 2018” gastronomic guide

Recommended by the MICHELIN Moscow Guide 2022
  • Address

    Moscow, Mokhovaya st., 15/1, bld. 1 (hotel “National”)

  • Phone

    +7 (499) 922 01 00

  • Average bill

    3000 ₽

  • Cuisine


  • Open Hours

    7:00 - 23:00

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A grand cafe with a view of the historic city center and a modern version of the Russian cuisine


The ideal restaurant in the historic center of the city: it is located across the street from the kremlin, on the corner of mokhovaya and tverskaya streets, a modern Russian cuisine, the right design is complemented by the unique view from the window and the served dishes, while the prices are low.


Chefs adhere to the main culinary principles of locality and seasonality; they masterfully use modern cooking methods and the most sophisticated chef techniques, easily recite traditional recipes, offering original “twists” to the guests - contemporary versions of the dishes of the Russian and soviet cuisines. Amber millet porridge with crayfish tails in a creamy sauce is no longer just a porridge, but a real delicacy. A fish chop made of carp with a pike is like a tender, almost airy fish pudding. And even pancakes are no longer with meat only, but are made with game meat and cowberry - an ingenious variation on the theme of the classic recipe for Pozharski cutlets.


Designers decorated the restaurant with the works of soviet artists of the xx century: Malevich, Petrov-Vodkin, Deineka, Samokhvalov. Paintings, mosaics on the ceiling, statues and figurines place bright color accents on the main snow white frontline background with a light irony. The far chamber hall, on the contrary, is similar to the palekh casket, but red cavalrymen are rushing forward on the black lacquer walls, and the ruby star is shining on the golden ceiling.