Neobistro from Alexander Rappoport and Vladimir Pozner. “Lauch of the year 2018” award winner according to the Gault & Millau Russia guide

Awarded with the Bib Gourmet award in the MICHELIN Moscow Guide 2022
  • Address

    Moscow, Ostozhenka street, 27k2

  • Phone

    +7 (495) 695 12 02

  • Average bill

    2500 ₽

  • Cuisine


  • Open Hours

    9:00 - 23:00

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Neobistro by Alexander Rappoport and Vladimir Posner


On Ostozhenka, 27, a new version of bistro "Geraldine" has opened up. There is a time for everything. While in the middle of the 2000’s a project named after the Frenchwoman Géraldin Posner (the mother of Vladimir Posner, the co-owner and a TV talk show host) was known as the classical French brasserie, the Géraldine opens its doors in a swift manner in the summer of 2017.


Neobistro represents one of the latest trends of the culinary world - the thoroughness of fine restaurants is put above the comfort of the traditional Parisian bistro, the French kitchen technique is combined with international themes. This allows the chefs to use both innovative methods and culinary techniques, as well as the accomplishments of any cuisine in the world. Its fine dining changes stiffness to lightheartedness, thus opening endless horizons for bold experiments and improvisations for the chefs, and giving guests a pleasant bonus in a form of affordable prices.


As a result, "Geraldine" turned out to be a most interesting mix, in which French cooking is used as a theme around which a cosmopolitan improvisation of Italian, Chinese, Spanish and Thai motifs easily and ironically unfolds.


"Geraldine" offers a comfortable meal for every day for the widest audience: ideal basic ingredients and long forgotten old traditional techniques for gourmets that do not want compromises in catering. Thus for the Nicoise salad is made with the most delicate classic tuna confit, while for curious foodies an unexpected combinations of food products, recipes, textures are used: Caesar salad is made with kale, and pizza with Indian roti flat bread. The food in Geraldine strives to be perfect, but always slightly ironic in relation to itself. Here neighbors from Ostozhenka are welcome for breakfast, students for a quick dinner, businessmen for important negotiations, lovers for romantic dates, friends for week-ends and festive feasts.


“Geraldine” is not just about the gastronomy it also offers an exquisite selection of wine. It offers exclusively French wine produced by both, recognized masters and trendy producers that are gaining popularity. The menu contains famous classic hits and modern trendy ones such as biodynamic and organic wines. There are several orange positions for fans as well. If the French wine selection does not cause an acute surprise, then what’s even more surprising is that the bar menu offers only French drinks, not only cognacs, calvados and Armagnacs, but also gin, whiskey, and rum.


The bistro with a French accent is primarily about the atmosphere, a reflection of the late 50's and early 60's era in a very modern, trendy mid-century style. Its architect - Valery Lizunov, embodied “Plush Paris” in Moscow. The style is perfected here - marble was brought from the best Italian quarries. Light fixtures were made according to the drawings of the 50s, while most of the furniture, mid-past century, was specially selected for Géraldine in Europe and then updated by modern stylized fabrics designer Alina Kovaleva from the "Palisander" gallery. Even French books and glossy magazines came to "Géraldine" shelves from Paris - the atmosphere must match to complete the picture.