All the restaurants of the company are different, but they are created on the basis of the same principles. The emphasis is on the exclusive attitude to the products, to the kitchen in general and to each dish in particular. Absolutely all projects of the holding company are about food, and its quality is the main priority.

The second distinctive feature is the originality of the concept. Every discovery inevitably becomes an important event in the restaurant world. In the rapidly developing and constantly growing new market, Rappoport finds those niches that are not full or very scarce. Thus, each time he comes up with something absolutely new, creates trends and sets the fashion, and most often - without going beyond the affordable price segment.

So, the "Kitayskaya Gramota", with which Alexander started his own restaurant business, was the first in the city Chinese restaurant with authentic cuisine at the time of the opening, but with a stylish and modern design and quality service. So in detail, as the theme of domestic meat in the four-story "Voronezh" is revealed, it has not been revealed anywhere else and never. Prior to the appearance on the gastronomic map of Moscow "Erwin.RecaMoreOcean" in the capital there were no fish restaurants available, and before the opening of "Mikoyan" residents of Sochi did not have the opportunity to go to their luxurious modern modern restaurant.

The third term in the success formula is the maximum attention to detail. Unimportant little things do not exist - not to mention the name, careful search and selection of food vendors and the work of the chef, for each restaurant scrupulously selected music, chandeliers and even the color of lipstick for waitresses. Everything's under control!

Restaurants of the company have been repeatedly noted in the ratings of the leading media as the best new institutions. Alexander Leonidovich Rappoport was awarded the title of Person of the Year by GQ, and the restaurant holding over three years of work has won more than ten professional awards:


Award Afisha: "The best in Moscow" (Kitayskaya Gramota), "Chinese products" (Kitayskaya Gramota)

Time Out Award: the best restaurant with an average score of 2000r (Dr Zhivago)

Premium "Best Restaurant" (Kitayskaya Gramota), "Menu of the Year" (Kitayskaya Gramota)

GQ Award: "Restaurateur of the Year", Alexander Rappoport for the project "Kitayskaya Gramota"

Grand Prix of the 2014 Moscow City Festival (Meat Club)


Grand Prix of the 11th Moscow Gastronomic Festival (Kitayskaya Gramota)

TimeOut Prize: Russian product trend (Voronezh), the best mini-net (Kitayskaya Gramota), the best new breakfast (Dr Zhivago)

Award Vklybe tv: the opening of the year (Voronezh)

"Palm branch" for the best restaurant concept in Russia (Cook'kareku)

Award from the Thai Embassy Thai Select (Black Thai)


Rating of the top 100 restaurants Spoon Guide (Kitayskaya Gramota, Mandarin. Lapsha and Ducks, Voronezh, Dr Zhivago, Black Thai, Pub Lo Picasso, ERWIN.RecaMoreOcean, Latin Quarter, Meat Club.

Silver award at the international "Palm Branch" in Geneva (Cook'kareku)

BARPROOF AWARDS: the best bar-manager of the year, Vitaly Skripchinsky (Kitayskaya Gramota)

The national award "Hospitality" for personal contribution to the development of the food and hospitality industry of Russia (the award committee: Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia in conjunction with PIR Expo): winner - Alexander Leonidovich Rappoport.