The restaurant offers russian gourmet dishes & caviar brasserie

  • Address

    Moscow, Mokhovaya st., 15/1, bld.1 (hotel “National”, 2nd floor)

  • Phone

    +7 (495) 901 03 36 +7 (916) 667 03 99

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  • Cuisine

    Russian, Fish, Gourmet

  • Open Hours

    12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

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The restaurant of Russian delicacies and caviar brasserie


The restaurant on the second floor of the National Hotel with a fantastic view of the historic center of the city is the main gastronomic attraction of Moscow. The offer is truly unique: two dozen varieties of caviar, the right wine and vodka menu, the best Russian delicacies, elegant and witty version of the Russian cuisine, stylish interior, and affordable prices. Alexander Rappoport unfolded the theme of Russian gastronomy with a new approach.


The main section of the menu is devoted to a caviar: Moscow has never seen such a wide assortment. Tasting can be targeted or random, ordering 25 grams (a stack of vodka will be served on the house). It can be thorough and detailed, trying aesthetic tasting sets of three kinds of caviar (for example, sturgeon, beluga and sterlet), or it can be relaxed and pleasureful, picking a suitable for the meaning of the company delicate products like chicken eggs, potatoes or pasta.


However, Russia is famous not only for its caviar: on the vast lands of our homeland marble bulls are caught in the wild and top of the line ones are grown, urchins and giant oysters are caught at sea, and of course, there is wild-caught river fish. Top-grade farmed and wild-caught products, and home-produced delicacies are stylishly served. Bright, but at the same time friendly and understandable cuisine of “Beluga” is a harmonious combination of the latest trends and timeless national traditions, current chef techniques and the most unexpected recipes rethought in the realities of modernity.


Salo made out of starry sturgeon and toothfish; balyk is salted from sturgeon according to a special technology; muksun sugudai is served with onion paste and potato “stones”; a vinegret salad is complemented with Sosva herring; and a Kiev cutlet that is transformed into the Eskimo ice-cream – all these dishes are served in the interior that is luxurious and ironic at the same time. The designer, Anastasia Panibratova, came up with the idea of the bar counter in the shape of a giant crystal caviar dish. She also decided to hang the chandeliers made of Bohemian crystal on the ceiling of the evening sky. The designer put the panel with images of Russian beauties in kokoshniks making selfies, made by the Recycle art group, on the giant mirror in the main hall. Ideal scenery for all occasions.


The necessary information and coordinates for those who are going to visit BELUGA. Convenient map, direct phone of the restaurant.