A restaurant with a phenomenal variety of fish and seafood at the most reasonable prices

  • Address

    Moscow, Kutuzovskiy Prospekt, 2/1, bld. 6

  • Phone

    +7 (495) 785 02 22 +7 (926) 978 48 38

  • Average bill

    1500-2000 ₽

  • Cuisine


  • Open Hours

    12:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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A restaurant with a phenomenal variety of fish and seafood at the most reasonable prices


Large, spacious restaurant with a view of the white house and a unique variety of fish, with 90 percent of it being caught within the territory of Russia (from 25 rivers and seas). The restaurant offers fish delicacies from various places in our vast homeland at very low prices by metropolitan standards.


There is a caviar and oyster bar. Slices of frozen nelma (Siberian white salmon) and sterlet, thawing in the mouth with a natural, revealing taste of fish. Fresh, not from the jar, liver of cod, indecently fat and tender. The legendary Sosvinskaya spicy herring from the Berezovo village on Sosva, by the obi tributary. Sugudai (raw fish slices) of muksun - the traditional Russian version of the ceviche. Homemade style cold smoked Baikal omul. Arkhangelsk toothfish, more popularly known as Chilean sea bass, in similar to miso- sauce (miso with Altai honey).


Section "krabyrakikrevetki" (crabfishshrimp) - the highlight of the menu, and in this regard, "Erwin" does not have competition that comes close in the city. A variety of crabs: Kamchatka, snow, frog. A variety of crayfish: Sevan crayfish in beer, Rostov style, Louisiana style. The choice of shrimp might seem overwhelming at first: Argentinian from the warm waters of the Atlantic; chilim from the cold waters of the northern seas; the sweetest crested prawns, which the Japanese call the botan-ebi; and bering shrimp that look like dinosaurs in the prickly spiked shrimp shell. Here is a life hack suggestion: start with a comparative tasting.



Aleksey Pavlov’s love for cooking has been in him since early childhood. He began his career at the age of 16 as an assistant chef, working and studying at that time. He started working at the hot shop of the GQ bar in 2007, there, he was fortunate to work with such chefs as Konstantin Ivlev and Ilia Zakharov. Later, he took part in the opening of the bamboo bar restaurant, worked as a confectioner under the supervision of Rezhis Trigel in the Strelka bar, and sous-chef in Luciano. He got the chef position at the temple bar, and then worked with Eugeniy Cherednichenko. As Alexey says, he was very fortunate to have the teachers that he did. While working with renowned chefs, he gained experience by practicing culinary art with the best in this profession.

Currently Alexey Pavlov heads up the kitchen of the Erwin. Rekamoreokean (Riverseaocean) restaurant. Working with fish and seafood, with 90 percent of the assortment, caught in the territory of Russia, is especially pleasant. After all, Alexey grew up on the Volga river and loves fishing. The chef actively promotes the Russian cuisine in terms of not only basic products, but also when it comes to culinary techniques and recipes. Instead of ceviche that is so popular today, the chef proposes to try muksun sugudai, and replaces the traditional sashimi with slices of frozen northern fish.


The necessary information and coordinates for those who are going to visit ERWIN. REKAMOREOKEAN. Convenient map, direct phone of the restaurant.