Gastronomic Center "Zaryadye"

A modern food market, where eight gourmet-islands prepare dishes based on reinterpreted recipes of the Russian cuisine. A choice of Gault & Millau Russia Gourmet Guide 2018

  • Address

    Varvarka str., 6 ("Zaryadye" Park)

  • Phone

    +7 (495) 921-49-92

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  • Cuisine

    Cuisine of russian regions

  • Open Hours

    mon-sun 12:00-00:00

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Gastronomic Center "Zaryadye"

United company “Rappoport`s restaurants” is launching a proof of concept project that is sure to become the biggest event of this fall. The project is going to be located in the “Zaryadye” city park, the cultural and educational center. The restaurant will feature fundamentally new, unique and distinctive gastronomic ideas.


Gastronomic center “Zaryadye” is a modern food market. It comprises eight different restaurants (stations) preparing food based on Russian regional cuisines. Each station has its distinct area, staff and menu. The restaurants` unique titles and the interior designs characterize the cuisine. Russian Federation structure of eight Federal administrative districts were the inspiration for the number of gastronomies.


"Oysters and champagne bar" will offer wild oysters, harvested by divers and sea urchins from the Sea of Japan as well as a vast champagne menu. “Shrimp, Crab, Langoustine” station will have an ice showcase with seafood and fish of all seas and oceans washing Russia’s shores. The assortment of steamed, grilled or served on ice seafood will be stunning - Caspian flounder, King crab, smelt from the Barents Sea, Murmansk salmon, and many more. "MeatMeat" will feature selected steaks and cuts, including dry extracts from Voronezh, Bryansk and Kazan. An infinite variety of soups from pohlebka and schi to chorba and lagman will be available at "Soup" station. The restaurant will also feature a large kazan with a diameter of one and a half meter, specially made for Gastronomic center. “Goose, duck, quail” station is the name of another diner that will offer all of the dishes listed in its name as well as chicken, beef and lamb, cooked on skewers. "Open pies, kulebyakas and pies" will focus on familiar and beloved childhood favorites - baked goods from the southern regions and porridge in clay pots cooked in the oven. "Dumpling station" produces and sells more than 10,000 dumplings (pelmeni) a day. Here one will find an endless variety of dishes with dough - pelmyashi, vareniki, pancakes, dumplings, chebureks. The customers will be able to choose from many types of dumplings - Ural, with salmon, lamb, cherry, rabbit, brynza. "Samovar station" will win your heart with delicious deserts cakes, eclairs, cakes, sweet pastries.


Additionally, the Gastronomic center will have many food stands offering unique delicacies brought in from various parts of our country stretching from Far East to the Black Sea and made to order eco-preserves. All of this will be available at reasonable prices as a gastronomic souvenir from the most incredible park in Moscow.


Welcome to Gastronomic center “Zaryadye”!