Современное городское гастробистро с большим выбором кофе и десертов

  • Address

    Площадь Киевского Вокзала дом 2, ТРЦ Европейский, 1 этаж, Атриум Москва

  • Phone

    +7 925 099 22 32

  • Average bill

    1500 ₽

  • Cuisine


  • Open Hours

    вс-чт: 10:00 - 22:00, пт, сб: 10:00 - 23:00

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MORECOFFEEOKEAN BY ERWIN: best food for modern heroes.

Compact tables on a marble-patterned carpet, just like in a European gastro-bistro, and cozy fringed silk lampshades evoking long-forgotten memories of a country house somewhere in the suburbs of Moscow. MORECOFFEEOKEAN BY ERWIN gives you a chance to have it all- a unique fusion of styles, cuisines, and cultures.

Alexander Rappoport has embarked on a tough challenge in his desire to solve one of the trickiest riddles: what a modern city cafe should be like. He has come up with a format that satisfies several requirements at once: almost limitless choice of coffee, food, celebrating taste over complexity, and attractive presentation of the dishes coupled with efficient service.
The cafe in the central part of the atrium of the popular mall “Europeiskiy” is famous for serving trendy but uncomplicated food.

Its menu may be defined as a broad cross-section of Muscovites’ gastronomic interests. It offers sea bass sashimi with lychee sauce (580 rub) and salmon tartare with a sprinkle of delicious citrus sauce (760 rub). You may also order a big portion of green salad (580 rub), a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup (360 rub), a plate of great turkey patties with some sautéed spinach on the side (520 rub), or some gourmet risotto with cheese sauce, which is so tasty that you will eat it down to the last morsel.

Not only does the place offer a wide variety of exquisite culinary masterpieces, bound to indulge even the most delicate palate, but also gives you every opportunity to figure out your food preferences. Whether you are seeking to satisfy your lust for exotics or just embarking on a quest to explore the newest gastronomic trends - you have found just the right spot.
This place may well be called a taste extravaganza: scrumptious veggie bowls with fried artichokes and crunchy soybeans (420 rub), baked avocado with crab meat (820 rub), and Singapore noodles (580 rub) are here to indulge and delight. The cafe offers its unusual interpretation of classic street shawarma, filling the flatbread wraps with Peking duck (520 rub), chicken in curry sauce (450 rub), or Kamchatka crab with cabbage, tobiko, and sweet tomatoes.

One looking for a deliciously decadent dish, hardly familiar to the broad public, may order some cobb salad with chicken, beef bacon, blue cheese, and tomatoes (690 rub).
MORECOFFEEOKEAN BY ERWIN takes special pride in its coffee menu.

You may order any classic coffee decaf or have it made with oat, coconut, almond, or lactose-free milk.

A barista will use only 100% gourmet Arabica beans delivered from several meticulously selected coffee-growing regions. El Salvador Santa Ana coffee is defined by a robust fruity aftertaste swirled with light citrus sourness.

Brazilian blend from Carmo de Minas has a nutty taste with hints of dark chocolate and dried fruit. Ethiopian Banco Halo will seduce you with hints of mango, cherry, and cocoa nibs, whereas Kenya Murue Ngurueri is complex and tantalizing with its aroma of blackberry, tangerine, and rose.

A cutting-edge coffee-making system comprised of a coffee machine and a grinder is there to ensure the highest quality of your drinks.

Apart from the classic options, you may try pour-over coffee (350 rub) brewed with one out of free single-origin coffee varieties. If you crave a fine cup of iced coffee, you can opt for a nice cup of cold brew (350 rub) prepared out of bourbon-barrel-aged coffee beans from Salvador.

The guests will find a palette of wildly diverse flavors of coffee drinks. One can find there practically anything from dessert tastes (for example, red velvet (350 rub), almond cookies (350 rub), berry cheesecake (400 rub) to subtle experiments like vanilla Parmigiano (400 rub) or flavorsome drinks with a splash of alcohol, such as Irish coffee (450 rub) and Espresso&Martini (300 rub).