Voronezh Restaurant Prechistenka

Steakhouse offering one of the most extensive steak menus in the world and featuring cuisines of the Russian provinces

  • Address

    Moscow, Prechistenka St., 4

  • Phone

    +7 (495) 695 06 41, +7 (495) 695 06 43 +7 (925) 281 72 68, +7 (967) 051 76 75

  • Average bill

    1500-3000 ₽

  • Cuisine


  • Open Hours

    08:00 AM – 00:00 PM

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Voronezh Restaurant Prechistenka

A large-scale meat restaurant with the focus on domestic meat taken to the highest degree


The greatest meat restaurant in the capital, located in a mansion of the end of the 18th century on Prechistenka Street. A preliminary reservation of the table is a must despite the 1 000 square metered area and 250 seats.


Each floor is unique. To the left of the entrance there is a snack bar with a short menu, where burgers, “home made” sausages and a signature sandwich with pastrami have become a classic; and there is also a butchery with a phenomenal choice of premium Russian brand “Primebief” beef cuts (farmer “Zarechnaya” are located mostly in the Voronezh region).


The restaurant “Voronezh” is located on the second floor with its Russian provincial cuisine and brightly expressed emphasis on the meat delicacies. The provincial cuisine is based on local products, and therefore we suggest to choose your meal from the menu based on the main ingredient, be that Lukhovitskiy cucumbers, Сaspian sea herring, Sakhalin shrimp, barley with white mushrooms or stuffed Kostroma duck neck. There is a large choice of alternative stakes in the “meat” section of the menu, which are cut exclusively for the “Rapoport`s restaurants” holding at the meat cutting of the best Russian Aberdeen Angus bulls.


On the third floor, there is the updated “Meat Club”, that became a legend back when it was located on Kuznetskiy bridge. Besides the unusual starters and steaks, famous Thai beef-salad, pheasant cutlets with cranberry sauce, baked marrowbones and simmered “short ribs” with juniper are cooked here.